Sheep come in hundreds,if not more,different breeds,each with their own distinct wool type...from baby clothes to carpet!  Wool has several qualities that distinguish it from hair or fur: it is crimped, it is elastic, and it grows in staples (clusters).Wool's scaling and crimp make it easier to spin the fleece by helping the individual fibers attach to each other, so that they stay together. Because of the crimp, wool fabrics have a greater bulk than other textiles, and retain air, which causes the product to retain heat. Insulation also works both ways, wool can also be used to keep heat out. Wool, like other natural fibers is quiet flame retardant in it's natural state. We have several different breeds of sheep here at Rock Farms, each with wool for a specific use...some are next to your face soft,others a bit stronger and best used for outer clothes or wonderful socks ! Those who consider themselves allergic to wool, may be reacting to lanolin left in the fiber,OR  the chemicals that are used to clean commercial wool has NO chemical treatment!!  Good natural, fine wooled breed wool is not  prickly ! Our breeds at this time are Teeswater, Colored Merino, Cormo, colored Coopworth, and Shetland. I BLEND my fibers...for unusually WONDERFUL LUXURY!!

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