Rock Farms is located in Kirkland, Illinois.
You can contact us by email at
or by phone at 815-494-9589

-Debbie Rock

We here at the farm...make our own maple syrup, herbed wine vinegars, we  can, de hydrate, make ALL OUR OWN PERSONAL CARE, and cleaning  PRODUCTS, make apple cider, and apple cider vinegar. We do pottery, wood work, ornamental  iron work, knit, spin, weave,...I THINK YOU GET THE PICTURE!! LIFE SKILLS!!  WE have opened our farm to a community of like minded get together and converse, share ideas...and LEARN LIFE SKILLS!!!  shoot me an e mail with what interests you...and we will build it in, if  enough interest is there!  COME BE A PART OF THE REVOLUTION!!!....we will also board sheep for you...